Gartner® Emerging Tech for Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats in SaaS and Cloud

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Over the last decade, cloud security emerged as an extension of on-premises security technologies. But the cloud is built for scale, with containers and micro services further than the eye can see. Enters the runtime security era. By adding runtime security to their cloud, companies can bolster their defenses across all stages, mitigate risks, and ensure the integrity of their valuable applications and data in an interconnected digital landscape.

The 2023 Gartner® Emerging Tech report for mitigating cloud APTs provides CISOs with tech recommendations for cloud security’s next phase. Gartner analysts advise: “Focus more on the runtime; get events directly from the runtime environment, not just via third-party APIs. Use agents that support for example, extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF), open telemetry, where directly gathered telemetry enables more in-depth real-time events for faster detection, contextualization and response or blocking.”

Get a Complimentary Copy of Gartner Report

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Get a complimentary copy of the Emerging Tech for Cloud APTs to learn:

  • Top cloud security practices that move beyond compliance and security regulations standards.
  • How to improve Your Infrastructure, Application Security and Workload Security holistically by looking at all development stages: from CI/CD to runtime.
  • How to make sense of CNAPP, CWPP, and the cloud acronym soup.
  • Why runtime protections are critical for cloud infrastructure, application security, and workload security and why you should strive to get events directly from the runtime environment.

Sweet Cloud Security

Sweet delivers a unified runtime security platform for the cloud. Harnessing an eBPF sensor and a behavioral approach, Sweet identifies and stops real-time cloud threats across: incidents, vulnerabilities, posture, and secrets. Shift your cloud strategy right to prioritize the cloud risks that matter. 

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